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A Note From The Executive Director

I’ve known Tomorrow.io from the beginning, and over a year ago I decided to join the Tomorrow.io family to help connect the transformational benefits of weather intelligence with the people who need them the most.

The impact of weather can devastate economies and lives, and is a key contributor to global poverty. But while weather is a wild card, forecasts, and our ability to act based on them, no longer need to be. With a new user-centric approach to weather, possible due to technological advances, we CAN help the most weather-dependent economies shift from “reactive” response to “proactive”, tailored alerts and action. This approach will not only save lives but enable the public, private and humanitarian sectors to make smarter operational and business decisions that will drive prosperity and lift people out of poverty.
Georgina Campbell Flatter
Georgina Campbell Flatter, ED
Executive Director, TomorrowNow.org

Our Story

TomorrowNow.org is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit with a purpose of driving inclusive prosperity through climate smart solutions and weather intelligence. We partner with leaders from across the public, private and humanitarian sectors in Africa to enable their mission-critical work through weather intelligence and systems change.
Each of our partners has a set of ”jobs to be done” that can save lives, create jobs and boost productivity. We partner with 1) farmers, emergency responders and local business and government leaders to ensure they have access to the weathertech toolkit they need to get their jobs done faster, smarter and safer and 2) the public sector to advance and sustain local capacity.
Our Technology
We work with our founding partner, Tomorrow.io to match weathertech and expertise to the mission, purpose and impact of our local partners.
Our Ultimate Goal
To shift away from “reactive” emergency response towards “proactive” and transformative action so we can together build a weather-informed climate-resilient Africa.

Our Values


We aim to reach EVERYONE whose life could be improved with weather intelligence. Our technology will only reach its full potential if we are enabling even the poorest on our planet.


We listen. Humility guides our approach to product development and tech implementation. We don't build solutions for Africa, we build solutions WITH and BY Africa.


We believe long term sustainability will ultimately come from effective public-private-community partnership. We seek local and global partners who share our purpose and can Get Stuff Done.

Our Partners

TomorrowNow.org & Tomorrow.io

A unique hybrid model – A for-profit non-profit feedback loop to enable shared purpose and accelerated impact.
World’s leading weather intelligence platform
World Class Team of Scientists and Meteorologists
User Centric Approach
Tomorrow.io is powering actionable weather insights all across the globe, to help organizations manage their weather related challenges. Tomorrow.io offers an array of products that are providing clients hyper local weather data and invaluable insights to drive actions.
TomorrowNow.org is enabling Africa-first technology implementation, capacity building and thought leadership activities to promote systems change. By engaging the relevant partners and ensuring a user-first product development, we aim for an inclusive reach of weather information.
Fulfilling the mission globally
Partnerships with relevant thought leaders
Learning from and working with Africa

Board of Directors


Leadership, Advisors and Mentors


We value your input and partnership.

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