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Happy Earth Day From!
April 22, 20215 min read

Happy Earth Day From!

Together, We Can Mobilize For The Future of Our Planet 

Happy Earth Day, Friends! Earth Day is all about mobilizing individuals for the future of our planet. In honour of this important mission, I am asking for your help as we mobilize game-changers like yourselves around a critical cause that we at care deeply about: Inclusive Climate Action! We have three activities in motion right now that we believe can help move the needle toward inclusive climate action and we need your help in raising awareness!  

1. ClimaCon

I am sharing this event first, as time is ticking to sign up and we want you involved!  Our free and virtual conference is this upcoming Wednesday and one of the central themes this year is SDG 13 – Climate Action – take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts. The time for climate adaptation is now! The annual cost of climate to countries is in the trillions, In fact, $4Tin of assets will be at risk globally due to climate change by 2030, and it will hit us all. Every CEO and public leader is putting in place a climate mitigation strategy, and weather is a core part of this. Our virtual sessions this year will highlight how global public, private and NGO leaders are managing these risks with weather and how they are contributing to critical progress, including a hosted session where we will focus on the frontiers of inclusive climate action and how we can empower those most vulnerable and least responsible to climate change, lead by Jenny Frankel-Reed, Climate Adaptation Advisor from The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Dr Catherine Nakalembe from NASA Harvest Africa;  2020 Africa Food Prize Laureate and Assistant Research Professor at the University of Maryland. We will also have other epic speakers who are on the frontlines of weather including: Ginger Zee (Chief MET at ABC News), Alex Hannold (Professional Climber and star of the movie Free Solo) and Joan Mulloy ( Vendée Globe female solo racer). 

2. WOW

We are leading a series of Women of Weather interviews aimed at empowering the next generation of female innovators globally. We believe that by sharing, celebrating and humanizing the stories of women who are contributing to climate action around the world we can not only inspire future generations of innovators but also promote and inspire a more inclusive set of solutions.  Bottom line: women are disproportionately impacted by weather and climate. 80% of people displaced by weather and climate events are women. Death rates of women can be up to five times higher than men for major weather disasters. We aim to change this through our work at Through our WOW campaign, we are promoting female leaders and through our projects, we are leading female empowerment projects that enable inclusive reach and impact of’s tech. 

3. Project Locust

Our mission is to ensure EVERYONE can benefit from climate action! As Bill Gates said recently, “When Small Farms Fail, Whole Economies Fail”. There are approximately 500 million small-scale farms in the world and their existence is under threat because of climate-triggered events such as the desert locust, which has already caused millions to suffer globally. There are no solutions that exist today that can help farmers proactively prepare for a locust attack. Existing locust monitoring tools are designed to support centralized efforts such as aerial and ground unit spraying via UN FAO and public authorities. While critical for centralized authorities to track and monitor locusts, smallholder farmers remain underserved and unequipped to act, with women again disproportionately affected. Mass spraying is having significant impacts on the environment. 

This is where we can help.  Tomorrow specializes in predictive on-time alerts for on-the-ground action and has plug-and-play software that can be used to reach everyone. Accessible through mobile and powered by the latest in weather intelligence, soon to be enabled by space, we are able to rapidly share localized insights and guidance in time for on-farm action. There are actions a farmer can take to both save their farm from attack and positively contribute to the crisis. We can reach farmers inclusively and at scale. Our SaaS is built for scale.  We are working with several public, private, and NGO partners to make this happen and ensure inclusive engagement, reach and empowerment of farmers. Find out more here

So, in closing, Happy Earth Day, Friends! Let’s mobilize together so we can enable inclusive climate action! The time to prepare for tomorrow is now.