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Driving Inclusive Prosperity Through Climate-Smart Solutions and Weather Information Accessible to All

How Can Weather Intelligence Help You?

Rural Empowerment and Prosperity

Increase agricultural productivity, income and household resilience, by making smarter, resource-saving decisions, including when to plant, when to harvest and when to travel.

Efficient Use of Pesticides

Fight pests more efficiently by increasing preparedness. Know the optimal weather conditions for when and where to spray, where to look for eggs, and whether/how to protect crops.

Disaster Preparedness and Relief

Provide early warnings to weather disasters to help people prepare for life threatening weather events, such as flooding and mudslides, and reduce the related risk and damages.
Project Locust

Project Locust

We are working with our partners on a holistic solution to desert locust spread. Our solution is community-based with localized insights and aims to provide millions of farmers with the ability to be better prepared and make smarter, crop-saving decisions.
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Our work is supporting 5 UN Sustainable Development Goals

Weather data is a critical building block for the global economy.
Help us build a world where everyone has access to useful weather information.

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We need to act and adapt now

Weather patterns are shifting. People and economies are suffering.

people still suffer from hunger globally
needed emergency assistance in 2018 due to extreme weather events
annual GDP loss due to weather

...while the gap in access to good weather information just keeps growing

5 billion
people do not have access to reliable and useful weather information
of surface and 71% of upper air weather stations in Africa not reporting data
basic weather stations are needed across Africa
$2 billion
needed for equipment modernisation and $400 million annually

We have a new approach and are ready to act now. Access to better weather data globally could transform billions of lives and achieve $4-36B of annual total benefit.

Weather Can Force People Into Poverty. Knowing The Weather Can Lift Them Out

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