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“Climate Adaptation: Feeding the Next Billion in Africa” – ClimaCon 2022
May 1, 20222 min read

“Climate Adaptation: Feeding the Next Billion in Africa” – ClimaCon 2022’s Executive Director Georgina Campbell Flatter was joined by Neil Hausmann (Senior Programme Officer at Gates Foundation) at the Climate Adaptation Session of ClimaCon 2022.

Nairobi, Kenya – led the session “Climate Adaptation: Feeding the Next Billion in Africa” at ClimaCon 2022. ClimaCon is the world’s leading weather and climate security conference coordinated by to bring together the most notable voices across all industries to discuss topics like global weather impact, weather intelligence, ESG, sustainability, and climate adaptation and security.

Through a recorded interview, our Executive Director Georgina Campbell Flatter shared TomorrowNow’s purpose and mission to a global audience comprising government representatives, private sector industry leaders and other key weather and climate stakeholders.

“TomorrowNow was founded to address the urgent need to adapt, act and prepare for a changing climate NOW” – Georgina Campbell Flatter, Executive Director,

Georgina Campbell Flatter engaged Neil Hausmann (Senior Program Officer for Gates Foundation) to discuss some of the priority areas that the Gates Foundation is focusing on as the world aims to feed a growing population, and why weather intelligence matters for ongoing efforts.

“We must all work together to provide the necessary tools to smallholder farmers for inclusive climate adaptation” – Neil Hausmann, Senior Programme Officer at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Overall, there was a consensus about the opportunity to adapt the advanced weather intelligence capabilities by our tech partner to benefit #smallholderfarmers through TomorrowNow’s impact-focused work.

Key takeaway: The time for #climateadaptation is NOW, we all need to pull together and develop products that are #scalable & #sustainable for smallholder farmers.

In case you missed this amazing session, feel free to watch the recording of the event HERE.