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TomorrowNow Celebrates Team Member Philip Frost’s First Anniversary
March 26, 20233 min read

TomorrowNow Celebrates Team Member Philip Frost’s First Anniversary

Philip Frost celebrated his first year at TomorrowNow with team members who have been truly inspired by his passion to enable transformative change in Africa and beyond.

Nairobi, Kenya – The team at TomorrowNow took some time to celebrate team member Philip Frost who has been leading our agricultural climate resilience work in East Africa, spearheading the implementation of Project Osiris.

Philip Frost is a seasoned remote sensing expert who brings a wealth of experience using satellite data to promote climate action and adaptation using strategic approaches to democratizing climate data access and utilization.

He has successfully supported the humanitarian and development sectors globally, and the team at TomorrowNow is lucky to be benefiting from his skills and expertise to generate inclusive weather and climate solutions to benefit EVERYONE.

A True Changemaker

In his past professional life spanning more than two decades, he helped countries and programs implement UN Sustainable Development Goal indicators that inform policy and ensure stakeholder accountability within various applications in food security, urban profiling and climate change.

Philip was also in charge of developing Fire Hazard models for wildlife prediction in Southern Africa as part of EU and GIZ development programs, and is credited with building the first operational Meteosat Second Generation (MSG) Geostationary active fire detection system for Southern Africa.

Today, he carries out the following key roles at TomorrowNow:

  • Leading the the OSIRIS program in East Africa (funded by the Gill & Melinda Gates Foundation) to enhance Resilient Seed Breeding through Innovative Weather Technologies
  • Managing product innovation and pipelines involving our tech partner, in addition to engaging other key stakeholders within the weather innovation space


When asked WHY he enjoys being part of the team driving the TomorrowNow vision, Philip does not take long to articulate his current satisfaction with making a real difference across different communities leveraging next generation weather and climate data powered by innovative partnerships and transformative philanthropy.

He points out that his direct interactions with smallholder farmers, climate scientists and key stakeholders has provided a front row seat into real issues that communities are facing, yet finding the middle ground about how these different groups can work better together.

Off work, you’ll find Philip spending leisure time with his colleagues and friends or drawing up ideas on a white board.