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TomorrowNow-KALRO Partnership Celebrated at the Mercy Corps Agrifin Annual Learning Event 2023
November 10, 20233 min read

TomorrowNow-KALRO Partnership Celebrated at the Mercy Corps Agrifin Annual Learning Event 2023 joined fellow climate adaptation innovators at the 7th Mercy Corps AgriFin  7th Annual Learning Event.

Nairobi, Kenya –’s Kenya team joined delegates and exhibitors at the Mercy Corps AgriFin 7th annual AgriFin Learning Event (ALE) on 7th – 8th November, 2023 to connect and learn from so many inspiring innovators who are working on building resilient, inclusive & sustainable food systems by leveraging digital technology to improve the lives of smallholder farmers.

We heard from various speakers at the #ALE2023 event about the critical importance of investing in partnerships and efforts to generate solutions focused on improving farmer decision-making, ultimately leading to increased productivity and rural incomes.

“More work needs to be done about access to data, including weather data, by farmers to ensure better decisions at the farm-level” – Jesman Chonzi, IFC – International Finance Corporation Manager for the Financial Institutions Group for Eastern & Southern Africa at #AgriFinALE2023

We also had an opportunity to gain insights from a session that featured guest #smallholderfarmers who spoke about their preferred modalities of disseminating information to smallholders, with a highlight of some of the emerging solutions that have demonstrated scale and impact.

TomorrowNow – KALRO Partnership Showcased as an Example of How Transformative Weather Innovation Can Drive Impact

During the “Generating Evidence Session: Lessons from Leaner Impact Assessments” session, we learnt from the 60 Decibels team about the positive impact of the ongoing – KALRO partnership; they showcased results of their Social Impact Measurement Study of our project HORUS, which is funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Foundation and is focused on delivering localized weather insights to smallholder farmers in Kenya🇰🇪 via SMS.

In highlight, smallholder farmers who were featured in the social impact measurement study by 60 decibels report an increase in their yield compared to the previous year, crediting better decision making to the our agroweather advisories that offered guidance on when to plant as well as insights concerning farm-level activities such as pest control.

The team at TomorrowNow was also able to meet in person with so many of our current partners, including colleagues from Sprout Open Content and Kenya Space Agency who are helping us build and disseminate next-generation weather and climate solutions to at-risk communities in East Africa.