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TomorrowNow will be at COP27. See you there!
November 11, 202210 min read

TomorrowNow will be at COP27. See you there! is very pleased to see climate adaptation as a central theme of COP27 in Sharm el-Sheikh this year! The consequences of climate change are unfolding now and those most impacted are the least equipped to adapt and act. We look forward to engaging with COP27 participants in a critical dialogue around how we can work better together to accelerate climate adaptation solutions – for TOMORROW (inclusive and sustainable) and NOW (before it’s too late).  #inclusiveclimateaction

Please join us @COP27 (online or in person, events listed below) and reach out on Linkedin if you plan to be there. 

Why Is TomorrowNow Attending COP27?

This year, the team will be attending COP27 to amplify the dialogue around three key ideas for #inclusiveclimateaction:

  • #WeatherMatters for Climate Action – is passionate about amplifying the critical role of weather in the climate conversation. Weather variability is at the heart of the suffering, food insecurity and loss of opportunity triggered by climate change. People need the best weather intelligence possible to manage this weather variability (What is the weather? What actions can I take?).  The WMO predicts over $160 billion of annual value could be unlocked by improving weather systems globally; We must be intentional about how to ensure this socio-economic value reaches communities most in need – targeting smallholder farmers, our frontline workers, and women and youth, and we need to move as fast as possible. With an inclusive focus, we will see local communities adapt and thrive, with 30%+ increases in farm-level profit and shifts in national GDPs.
  • Massive Opportunity for Next Generation Technologies – wants to get the world excited about the next generation technologies that will transform weather intelligence systems globally. We want to accelerate next gen weather-tech development AND seek ways to ensure that these technologies and weather intelligence benefit communities most in need, as fast as possible. is focused on Africa and Africa partners.
  • Transformational Philanthropy To Act Now – believes that philanthropists can play a critical role in catalyzing transformation of next gen weather intelligence systems. “Transformative philanthropy” is different from aid-based “reactive” philanthropy.  Food aid and other reactive measures i.e responding to a climate disaster after the event, are of course absolutely necessary for saving lives today but… to enable long-term transformation, drive local prosperity and lift people from poverty forever,  we need a different approach. Climate change has broken the humanitarian aid model.

The data: 

  • There is a $30B shortfall already in aid required to help the millions of people impacted by weather-related events (since 2017).
  • Extreme weather-related UN appeals have increased 800% in 20 years. 
  • UN humanitarian appeals may have only covered ~7.5% of extreme weather disasters in low and middle income countries over the past two decades 
  • Over 4 billion people have been negatively impacted by climate change  but only 500M people supported with UN appeals

We cannot raise and distribute climate-aid fast enough. We need weather philanthropy, not climate aid. believes in the power of transformative philanthropy for climate action. This means philanthropy that invests in “systems” solutions; Philanthropy that will help nations shift from reactive to proactive climate action; Philanthropy that will leverage existing investments and accelerate impact; Philanthropy that will catalyze the partnerships necessary to build robust public systems AND enable markets to cover long-term costs and incentivize innovation. A focus on transforming systems will lead not only to inclusive solutions that are best-in class and affordable now but also viable long term and can scale rapidly.

So three questions for you, ready for COP27:

  • How can WE work better together to rapidly improve and sustain weather services across regions most in need? 
  • How do WE work better together to accelerate the INCLUSIVE adoption of next gen weather and climate intelligence?
  • How do WE leverage transformational philanthropy to accelerate climate action now, for tomorrow, together?

Join @ COP27 – Speaking Events:

With one of the pillars of the conference being specific to “adaptation”, TomorrowNow is in a unique position to highlight our past, present and future work around weather and climate adaptation. As we approach COP 27, there are a number of inspiring initiatives we’re excited to share ahead of the event. TomorrowNow will be attending COP 27 for the duration of the conference participating on speaking panels, attending networking events and making an exciting announcement or two.

Israel Pavilion: Leveraging Next Gen Space and Weather for Zero Hunger and Climate Action

  • Event Date: November 9th at 10 AM local time
  • Event Details: This event will be a 15 minute TedTalk style talk highlighting how next gen tech such as’s upcoming satellite constellation launch will radically change the way our planet can use weather to directly address and improve food security around the world.

CGIAR Pavilion: AIM for Climate Roadshow: Accelerating AIM4C Investments for Smallholder Agriculture 

  • Event Date: November 11 at 3:43 PM local time
  • Event Details: TomorrowNow will be presenting our work in Kenya of partnering with the local communities of farmers and local organizations to improve weather forecasting so farmers can vastly improve crop viability and yields. We’ll be speaking at the AIM for Climate Roadshow alongside some incredible industry leaders including:
    • Dr. Claudia Sadoff, Executive Managing Director, CGIAR and host Government Partner
    • The Honorable Tom Vilsack, Secretary, US Department of Agriculture (tentatively
    • Her Excellency Mariam bint Mohammed Almheiri, UAE Minister of Climate Change and Environment (tentatively confirmed)
    • The Honorable Samantha Power, Administrator, USAID (invited)
    • Mr. Mark Suzman, Chief Executive Officer, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (invited)
    • Ms. Justina Nixon, Vice President and Global Head of Corporate
    • Ms. Georgina Campbell Flatter, Executive Director,
    • His Excellency Qu Dongyu, Director General, UN Food & Agriculture Organization (FAO) (invited)

COP27 Presidency Main Stage: AIM for Climate: Enabling Solutions at the Agriculture-Climate-Food Security Nexus

  • Event Date: November 12th at 2 PM local time
  • Event Details: Taking place on the COP27 Presidency Main Stage, the Agriculture Innovation Mission for Climate (AIM for Climate) initiative seeks to drive more rapid and transformative climate action in the agricultural sector. This event is a pivotal moment to demonstrate progress to date and to preview plans for the coming year. We will be speaking alongside leaders from the Department of Agriculture from both the U.S. and Egypt, IBM, Global Methane Hub, UNFCCC, and John Kerry, U.S. Special Presidential Envoy for Climate

UN Pavilion: Next Generation Weather Intelligence for African Climate Adaptation Now

  • Event Date: November 12th at 2 PM local time
  • Event Details: Panel based discussion highlighting how weather intelligence can be the driving technology force to spark the next generation of truly sustainable climate adaptation in Africa.

Tetratech: AI and ML to support smallholder farmers and regenerative agriculture.

  • Event Date: November 16th at 9:30 AM local time
  • Event Details: This session will focus on the use of AI and ML to support smallholder farmers and regenerative agriculture by using predictive weather intelligence and climate adaptation technology

Youth Event: UN Global Centre for Climate Mobility (GCCM). 

  • Event Details: We are excited to meet and engage with COP27 youth leaders and continue to find ways to work together to amplify the voice of youth and work together to accelerate climate action.

Acting Now and Working Together For Climate Action 

Core to our approach at is the critical importance of working together. Currently, our projects are based in Africa (Kenya) and are gathering momentum due to our community-led approach in addition to working with some truly stellar collaborators including:

  • Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Mercy Corps Agrifin
  • DAI
  • Mama Foundation
  • UNDP
  • World Bank
  • CSAP
  • AIM for Climate
  • UCAR
  • WRI
  • MIT
  • Kenarava
  • And more!

Projects to Highlight:

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation: The “OSIRIS” and “HORUS” projects, which are Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation -funded initiatives led by TomorrowNow, are currently being implemented in East Africa. We are collaborating with public, private and NGO partners in Kenya and local farmer-facing organizations to rapidly improve the quality and access of weather intelligence for climate-resilient agriculture and #zerohunger. We are also running in-person and virtual convening events and campaigns such as #whyweathermatters with a focus on amplifying the voice of women and youth!’s Message at COP 27:

We Must Take Urgent Action to Ensure That Everyone Can Adapt and Thrive in A Changing Climate  

  • WE CAN (AND MUST) ACT NOW The consequences of climate change are unfolding now. Those most in need are least equipped to adapt and act. Phenomenal weather and climate innovations are emerging across the world that can make a difference now but are not (and may never) reach those most in need without rapid and intentional intervention.
  • WE MUST DESIGN WEATHER SOLUTIONS FOR TOMORROW NOW We must invest in solutions that will lead to robust national weather and climate systems AND market-based solutions for regions most in need. With a focus on TOMORROW and the NOW, we will see solutions that are not only best-in-class and inclusive but also affordable, sustainable and rapidly scalable! 
  • WE MUST WORK BETTER TOGETHER  It takes a village. By working better together, we can connect (and unlock the value of) next gen weather and climate innovations for at-risk communities NOW and generate sustainable and inclusive solutions for TOMORROW.  We must amplify the voice of farmers, the youth and women! We must unite the public, private and NGO sectors. By leveraging transformational philanthropy, we can demonstrate the value of (and catalyze the) partnerships critical for localization, scale AND sustainability.

We look forward to seeing you at COP 27!