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The Tomorrow Locust Project

Fighting Desert Locust Together

Community-based, localized insights will provide millions of farmers with the ability to be better prepared and make smarter, crop-saving decisions

The Locust Project

The Future Locust Response

Real-Time Feedback Loop

By validating locust sightings with real-time analytics, we can trigger real-time warnings and improve the model and recommendations
Automated Alerts
Automated locust alerts on’s all-in-one dashboard, powered by weather intelligence
Decision Making
Customized public/private response network receives alerts and recommended actions based on location: “Locust Swarm on route to your location”
Warnings And Action
Targeted advice and communication via SMS/email: “Farmers Harvest before 12pm”, “Ground spraying required at location X by 5pm Monday”
On the ground network validate or refute predictions or sightings via SMS / WhatsApp

Adapting’s All-In-One Dashboard to Enable the Locust Response Network

To Beat the Locust We Need Data-Driven Innovation

If it was not for COVID-19, the locust crisis would be the most significant challenge facing Africa this decade. Swarms have reached biblical proportions with sizes reaching as large as 1.5 times the size of New York City. Traveling at over 150 km a day, locusts eat any vegetation that crosses their path. These epic swarms are putting millions at risk of famine, with pre-COVID-19 analysis predicting that over 42M people will face acute food insecurity this year. The need for data-driven innovation has never been greater.

Weather is a critical driving force of locust evolution and behaviour, and should be an integral part of the response

By the end of 2020, favourable weather conditions could lead to 400 times more locusts and cause USD 8.5B in damage. Data-driven innovations powered with weather intelligence will enable a timely and targeted response and lead to huge environmental, economic and social impact.

360-Degree Locust Monitoring Tool, Powered By Weather Intelligence seeks to contribute to the global locust crisis with an innovative, 360-degree locust monitoring tool for use by public and private sector organizations critical to the response and community-level stakeholders impacted by the crisis. Powered by advanced forecasting analytics and leveraging’s weather intelligence engine, Tomorrow’s tool monitors all key aspects of locust development, including novel models to provide a map-based locust hatching index and locust swarm trajectory predictions.