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TomorrowNow at the World’s Largest Trade Show for the Atmospheric Sciences #AMS2024
February 1, 20243 min read

TomorrowNow at the World’s Largest Trade Show for the Atmospheric Sciences #AMS2024

TomorrowNow was represented at #AMS2024 that was convened in the United States by the American Meteorological Society.

Baltimore, USA – was represented by our Head of Product, Brian Miranda at the largest trade show for the Atmospheric Sciences #AMS2024 organized by the American Meteorological Society.

Brian Miranda interacted with thousands of attendees representing the global weather community across 55 countries, and connected with researchers who were presenting new weather research and climate solutions at the event in Baltimore USA.

The common consensus at  #AMS2024 was that as much as weather & climate change-related information needs to be scientifically accurate, partnership-driven systems approaches are needed to ensure that weather & climate solutions become useful globally.

A large number of weather and climate related geospatial data platforms exist or are in development, although more work needs to be done to centralize datasets and ensure that data becomes usable and accessible by relevant stakeholders.

The good news is that the meteorological agencies that were present at the event agreed that there’s lots of opportunities to better operationalize data by leveraging various approaches including partnerships to create user-facing “products” rather than investing only in observation stations.

A Global Access Platform for Weather & Climate Services

At, we are EXCITED about recent developments in the hydromet value chain and continue to build and sustain collaborations involving the public, private & NGO sectors to ensure that weather & climate science benefits the last mile in underserved regions in Africa.

For example, our current partnership with the Kenya Agricultural & Livestock Research Organization (KALRO) & is ensuring that smallholder farmers receive high quality agro weather advisories delivered via SMS to aid their on-farm decision making and ultimately improve their income and local climate adaptation.

In addition, the Phase 2 of our capstone initiative OSIRIS seeks to address the issue of data accessibility and useability through our proposed Global Access Platform.

The OSIRIS Global Access Platform will serve as a core innovation, granting easy access to a comprehensive suite of AR-WCD and services including localized historical reanalysis, accurate short-term and seasonal forecasts,  calibrated ground and atmospheric observations, statistical tools and a Prototype Crop Insights Engine.

The platform will offer a user-friendly interface that allows seamless integration into existing services provided by farmer facing organizations working to uplift the lives of communities at the frontlines of climate change in Africa.