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TomorrowNow Celebrates the Appointment of the New Secretary General of the World Meteorological Organization, Celeste Saulo
June 2, 20234 min read

TomorrowNow Celebrates the Appointment of the New Secretary General of the World Meteorological Organization, Celeste Saulo

TomorrowNow celebrates the appointment of the New Secretary General of the World Meteorological Organization Celeste Saulo.

Africa – TomorrowNow joins the global hydromet sector in celebrating Argentina’s National Meteorological Service Director Celeste Saulo for being chosen to become the new Secretary General of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO).  

Secretary General Saulo  becomes the first woman in history to occupy the General Secretariat and also the first Latin American person to reach that position.

TomorrowNow was lucky enough to interview the now Secretary General Saulo in 2021 as part of our women of weather #WOW initiative to inspire women into weather and climate careers. 

What an incredible and inspiring leader! We couldn’t be more excited for Secretary General Saulo, the WMO and the broader weather and climate community globally. 

“My ambition is to lead WMO towards a scenario in which the voice of all members is heard equally, prioritizing those most vulnerable and in which the actions it undertakes are aligned with the needs and particularities of each of them,” said Saulo. “At a time when inequality and climate change are the greatest global threats, the WMO must contribute to the strengthening of Meteorological and Hydrological Services to protect populations and their economies, providing timely and effective services and warnings.”

We encourage you to check out our full interview HERE.

While reflecting on Secretary General Saulo past comments about the current gaps that are hampering sustainable development, here are some of our favorite quotes: 

“There’s a need for countries to generate policies to ensure that weather and climate technologies become accessible to everyone for inclusive food security.”

“I’d like to see more women from diverse communities becoming good ambassadors of weather and climate change adaptation.”

The Power of Weather & Climate Information

An understanding of weather and climate variability forms a critical basis to help communities and countries adapt in a changing climate.

Central to this approach is the need for quality and timely weather and climate information that’s being used in various applications ranging from food security to disaster management.

According to the WMO on food security, the advancement of seasonal and inter-annual climate forecasting techniques has gone a long way to help countries and stakeholders better simulate climate scenarios.

The growth of more localized information dissemination methods, including mobile phone and internet technologies, is now ensuring that weather and climate information is reaching last mile users such as farmers.

We also learnt from TomorrowNow’s participation at the February 2023 WMO Training With 54 African Meteorological Agencies that the generation of digital content (video and graphics), user analytics, digital marketing and traditional media is going to further improve the uptake of early warning and climate information.

This is why we are leveraging innovative partnerships with key stakeholders, including private weather companies such as, to ensure that next gen weather and climate solutions reach at-risk communities for inclusive prosperity and food security.

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