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TomorrowNow Finds Ways to Engage the Youth & Women for Climate Action NOW
October 5, 20223 min read

TomorrowNow Finds Ways to Engage the Youth & Women for Climate Action NOW

TomorrowNow continues to find ways to meet and engage with the youth who are the next generation of weather and climate champions.

Africa – One of TomorrowNow’s core values is humility, which is about listening and learning from diverse groups in the community as we find ways to engage and work together for climate action and adaptation.

Our programs are built on the foundation of inclusion to ensure everyone, even the least equipped in society, adapt and act in a changing climate.

Central to our approach is a gender focus that ensures that we include and amplify the voice of youth and women across TomorrowNow programs.

A key example is Project Locust involving more than 200 women farmers to enable inclusive climate action with on-time alerts and just-in-time trainings for farmers, by farmers for the desert locust crisis in the Horn of Africa

Over the years, we have also supported a number of youth-centered initiatives as a way to inspire young people to participate in climate action and adaptation efforts.

In October 2022, TomorrowNow  joined local leaders and tech companies at a youth talent & nurturing event in Ewaso Kedong, Kenya to educate & inspire the next generation of #weather and #climate champions.

Special thanks to Hope Ventures for organizing the event that brought together various members of the community to interact and learn more about how tech is being used to do good in society!

At COP27, TomorrowNow was excited to meet with youth leaders working in their countries in response to climate-triggered forced migration

Our Executive Director Georgina Campbell Flatter was especially inspired by James Thuch Madhier from South Sudan & Careen Joel from Tanzania who are young innovators working to develop solutions to hazards causing #ClimateMobility.

Speaking at a COP27 Youth Event, we made a commitment to continue engaging young innovators to accelerate sustainable climate solutions for EVERYONE.

Stay tuned to our future youth events to learn more and engage us on all social media platforms using the hashtag #WhyWeatherMatters.