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Messages of Hope & Opportunity From TomorrowNow’s Team Day
March 5, 20233 min read

Messages of Hope & Opportunity From TomorrowNow’s Team Day

TomorrowNow team convened in Nairobi, Kenya to connect and brainstorm about better ways to link our users with next generation weather & climate technologies.

Nairobi, Kenya – The TomorrowNow team is a critical driver to the work we do to catalyze transformative change and empower people and planet by building climate resilience among communities that we engage, especially in the African continent.

Our team day marked a pivotal point in our journey. We used the in-person opportunity to celebrate milestones and further develop our strategy to accelerate impact.  Key outcomes included:  

  • Bonded as a team – The diversity in our team composition means that we have diverse skills and abilities, in addition to the fact that our team members originate from 6 different countries and 4 different continents. In order to leverage this diversity, we have always been intentional about dedicating time to understanding each other’s unique strengths and motivations so we can leverage what each team member has to offer.

  • Strengthened and focused the team commitment to our mission, vision and purpose – The TomorrowNow team has a clearer sense of why our work matters, especially from the lens of working with EVERYONE innovatively to deliver timely and relevant solutions.

Importantly, the team developed an action plan about scaling some of our current activities, such as the Digital Climate Advisory Services for Agriculture (DCAS) as well as Project Osiris that’s focused on providing access to improved weather data for use cases in seed breeding for climate adaptation.

Visit our website to learn more about how you can Get Involved with our work. And if you are also part of a team driving change and innovation, we highly recommend a team day now and again!!